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In 2013 I published an e-book, called #BeBetter focusing on productivity and life systems. It gives you guidance on becoming better in anything you do by aligning what you do to who you are.

Now, 7 years later and with 20 years' experience in personal development and productivity, I took the key elements from the book and combined them with my coaching programme. A self-learning programme which helps you to #BeBetter.

The result is this personal development course. 

Understand your underlying values. 

Identify your purpose and vision in life. 

Build a system which improves your productivity and aids your success!

The course consists of 6 weekly chapters, with the first week being completely free! We cover different key concepts from my coaching programme and it would hold a value of over £2,000 when booked face-to-face.

I want to share this course with you at a fraction of the price, in order to allow as many of you to develop personally and #BeBetter. 

I want you to be successful and achieve your dreams. 

I want you to discover your true self, and become who you always wanted to be!

What are your key learnings?

  • Define your Values, Purpose, Goals, and Success

  • Discover your inner motivation in life, and achieve your Goals

  • Identify your Mission in life and define your Mantra leading to a more successful you

  • Aligning your life’s Goals to your Values, establishing a system which will make you #BeBetter in anything you do

  • Improve your 'life flow', workflow and productivity

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